IONS South Africa 2

The conference will last a total of five days, the first being dedicated to on-site registration during the day, leading to an evening braai.  The following three days will feature student oral and poster presentations, punctuated by plenary talks by invited speakers and professional development workshops. On a social note, delegates will have the opportunity to interact with local communities. For those belonging to a Student Chapter, we encourage you to bring along some demos to showcase on that day. The outreach will be followed by an excursion to admire the beauty of South Africa’s wildlife. The last day, transportation will be arranged from the venue to the airport for the delegates, depending on their flights departure time. For those delegates who wish to stay longer in South Africa, a palette of activities and scenic places to visit are available here

Conference themes

  • Laser development and design
  • Biophotonics
  • Structured Light
  • Quantum metrology and Quantum Control
  • Additive manufacturing.

Presentation format

Plenary talks:  1hour

Student oral presentation: 12 minutes + 3 minutes for questions

Poster session: 90 minutes (Preferably in size A0)

Light Revolution Evening

The Light Revolution Evening will be an additional social evening hosted during the conference with the theme of luminescence. The delegates are encouraged to bring something neon to wear in keeping with the theme. Here the attendees will be given the opportunity to network as well as participate in exploring the artistic side of light and optics with some fun (and optional) games. The aim is to look at the science of light in an artistic and creative perspective amongst dinner, luminescent cocktails, a dance floor and long exposure photography.