Submission guidelines

Preparing your abstract

IONS is a platform for students to share their views, their interests, and their current research. In that spirit we invite applicants to submit a 250 words abstract, summarising their recent work. The content of the abstract should give a general perspective of the work and provide a clear overview of the findings. Please ensure that the work you aim to present is in line with the conference themes.

Preparing your presentation

When preparing your presentation, oral or poster, please be mindful of the diversity of the audience. To make your work more accessible, we recommend not dwelling on the technicality, but rather to emphasise the research methodology that has led to the the findings.   This will stimulate more interest in the work and increase audience engagement and result in many questions over a drink and some excellent food.

Submit your abstract

Unfortunately, the online abstract submission system was not sending through all the abstracts and as such we may not have received yours.

If you have not heard from us, please download the following registration, travel grant application and/or VISA invitation letter request documents as required and e-mail them through to Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Download the abstract submission form HERE

Download the travel grant application form HERE

Download the VISA letter request form HERE